Three families, one passion, Angus breeding!

On behalf of our three families, welcome to the very first annual HILLSPRIDE SALE, offering you elite Black and Red Angus genetics. The HILLSPRIDE SALE is made possible through the joint effort of our three Angus programs, i.e., Mac Angus Farms, Covey Hill Ranch and PJ Ranch. With the goal of making it a real success, Emmanuel Chenail joined forces with his two Angus breeder colleagues of the Monteregie region, David Sample and Henry Pascone.

Retired from his career in the construction sector, Emmanuel Chenail wanted to live up to his childhood dream, as he is currently assembling a world-class Angus herd. David Sample is pursuing a family tradition on a 7th generation, as he is managing a herd of 220 heads of Angus cattle. As for Henry Pascone, he has been breeding Angus cattle since 1997, after retiring from the industrial sector. We are combining our respective lifetime experience, our values, our strengths, and our passion for the purebred Angus breed. In true respect of the animal welfare, we strive to produce outstanding breeding bulls and females that will contribute to the genetic improvement of our customers’ cow herd.  

We are very proud to offer you over thirty highly selected young bulls, ten open heifers, four embryo lots, and two semen packages. We are offering the cream of the crop of our three selection programs. Every animal offered to your appraisal has been evaluated on its global performance, its overall type and good disposition. We want to make it a moment to remember, come celebrate with us our first annual HILLSPRIDE SALE, it’ll be a memorable moment!

Our first sale will be held in the brand-new sale facility at Ranch Covey Hill, Havelock, Quebec. Make plans to be with us, come on over and meet with many cow-calf producers and beef industry partners. We will be happy to visit with you and show you our sale offering.  If you cannot be with us, the sale will be broadcasted live through DLMS. We want to thank our families, partners and all the sponsors, without your hard work and involvement, this sale would have not become a reality.

You are personally invited to be with us at the Ranch Covey Hill, Havelock, Quebec on Sunday, February 20th, 2022. We look forward to welcoming you in our beautiful region. Please also make note that all sale cattle will be available for viewing on Saturday, February 19th. Should you have any question or needing assistance with regards to any animal offered, or hotel reservation, feel free to contact us or one of the members of the Bohrson team.

Emmanuel Chenail                             David Sample                         Henry Pascone

Ranch Covey Hill                                Mac Angus Farms                   Ranch PJ