Field day 2022


Our ranch

Our ranch is located in Havelock, 60 kilometers south of Montreal on Covey Hill. The rolling countryside offers gorgeous views, where calm and serenity reigns. It is an ideal place to raise cattle.
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Our Angus

As purebred Black and Red Angus breeders, we strive to produce top quality animals. Through our intensive embryo program, we aim to select the best and high-caliber donor cows, and multiply their genetic potential as efficiently as we can to benefit our clients and the Angus breed. We are passionate about Angus genetics and it is our top priority to offer you bulls of great quality, who will improve your breeding program.
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Our horses

We do love horses, therefore we also operate a small breeding program of Clydesdales and North American Curly Horses. We carefully select the genetics we use and we are proud to have our new Curly stallion BCF *ICON in our program.
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Our maple syrup

Since 2010, we have been operating a 3,000 taps sugar bush. Always with the concern for quality, our maple syrup products are 100% natural and without any added sugars.
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Our beef

Angus beef is known for its marbling, which ensures that any cut of beef is tender and flavourful. All our beef is pasture raised. Therefore, our products meet the needs of consumers who care about where their products come from, how they were raised, and treated.
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