We have always loved horses and we discovered the North American Curly breed, a hypoallergenic breed, because one of our family members is allergic to horses.

We bought our first mare in 2015 and fell in love with these lovable, curious, and intelligent horses. We then bought two more fillies, and their beauty and kindness convinced us to breed one of our own. Flame was born in the spring of 2019 and left for France in the spring of 2020, to become a future stallion in a breeding program.

Since then we have bought our own stallion Icon, a magnificent black tobiano Curly with great curls, and started our small breeding program where we put emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and always respecting the horse. We also own a mare and two Clydesdale fillies for reproduction purposes as well.

If you would like to meet our horses, let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to give you a tour.