Ranch Covey Hill is first and foremost, a family affair where Emmanuel, Brigitte, as well as their three children: Sabrina, Camille, and Raphaël, chose to be part of.

This project started in 2015, as a family choice. After having chosen to establish a purebred herd of Angus cattle, our main goal remains to produce high-quality cattle for their elite genetics, as well as high quality beef for our growing clientele. 

We are proud to say that our calves are out of the best AI sires offered in North America, paired with our high-quality females selected from the best breeding programs in Canada and the United States.



On top of our cattle, we also manage a Clydesdale and Curly horse breeding program. En complément avec notre cheptel bovin, nous possédons également un élevage de chevaux des races Clydesdale et Curly.

Every spring since 2010, we operate a small sugar bush located in Ste-Clotilde-de-Châteauguay.


Notre groupe

Our strength : Our DEDICATED TEAM !
Nothing can be built alone, teamwork is the key to success !

Emmanuel Chenail
Brigitte Poupart
Next generation
Sabrina Chenail
Next generation
Camille Chenail
Amélie Barbeau
Corrie Patterson
Jason Poole
Technical consultant, member of Groupe Bovi-Expert
Bernard Doré
David Sample